Decent and Vitable Join Forces to Put Direct Primary Care at the Forefront of Healthcare

Vitable x Decent

Philadelphia, PA - May 23, 2024 - Vitable Health, an innovative pioneer in enhanced Direct Primary Care (eDPC), announced a partnership with Decent, a trailblazer in disruptive level-funded health plans. The two companies are shaking up the health insurance scene with their superior health plans that maximize effectiveness while minimizing confusion and cost.

Decent's fresh approach to putting DPCs at the center of their health plans aligns seamlessly with Vitable’s enhanced Direct Primary Care model – focused on removing the barriers to care to make healthcare an approachable and delightful experience for all. By combining forces, Decent and Vitable can offer hassle-free full coverage health insurance with easy access to in-home and virtual primary care, free prescriptions, and mental health services at an incredibly affordable price.

This collaboration represents a seismic shift in the industry, where Direct Primary Care takes the driver’s seat in bringing back quality care and unparalleled accessibility. Effectively lowering the cost and removing unnecessary confusion. 

Nick Soman, the visionary founder and CEO of Decent, expressed his confidence in the partnership, stating, "Partnering with Vitable and designing plans around their DPC model is a game-changer. It not only leads to healthier members but also enables Decent to administer health plans at a lower cost. This translates to tangible benefits - lower costs and better care for all our members."

Joseph Kitonga, founder and CEO of Vitable, echoed the excitement, stating “The synergy between Decent and Vitable exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation, affordability, and superior healthcare experience. By placing Vitable's DPC model at the forefront, this partnership ensures that healthcare isn't just a service but a delightful journey toward a healthier life”

The new plans developed through this partnership will offer employers a comprehensive healthcare solution that minimizes spending while maximizing utilization. Allowing more employers to reduce healthcare costs without sacrificing the quality of care provided to their workforce.

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