Streamlined occupational health screening 
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Streamline your business' operational efficiency by accessing 
affordable on-demand lab testing from any Quest or LabCorp location.

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What other employers say about us

What this company has been able to put together to help growing companies like us is actually awesome. Our employees are very happy with what we have to offer, in other words, they’re happy with Vitable.

Co-Founder - Home Care Concepts

Vitable has allowed us to provide affordable care to our employees, which helped us to recruit more caregivers. Being able to go out and tell recruits they'll have health coverage really catches their interest.

HR - American Safety Options

Vitable was such a great thing to bring to the table. Because of Vitable, we can finally put that we have comprehensive health benefits that employees will love. Which made a huge difference in hiring and retention.

President - Philadelphia Catering Co.

To be able to offer that type of service. It's worth its weight in gold. I really appreciate our partnership and the benefit you are to the school. I really do want this company to grow and be around for a long time. The quality of healthcare is far surpassing any other healthcare you might want.

CEO - Somerset Academy

Supported by the best

Onboard new hires faster, easier,
and maintain compliance doing it

Ensure employees and staff stay informed regarding the status of occupational health screens throughout the hiring process.

Our system also facilitates efficient record-keeping and organization, centralizing employee data for easy access and retrieval.

Vitable streamlines HR team tasks by offering comprehensive administrative support. With our platform, HR administrators can effortlessly manage employee scheduling, saving time and ensuring smooth operations.

Vitable simplifies compliance tracking by providing built-in tools and notifications to ensure HR teams stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements, minimizing the risk of penalties and audits.

Benefits of managing
occupational health with us

  • Preferred Supplies Cost

    Access the lowest available costs for QTF-Gold TB tests, 5 / 10 Panel Drug tests, 
and more.

  • Reduced Time to Hire

    Cut down the time to onboard new hires  with Vitable’s occupational health dashboard to schedule, track, and manage employees.

  • Quick & Easy Setup

    From assigning tests to tracking and monitoring test results, you can be up and running in no time with our quick startup process.

And even more...

  • TB Testing ( QuantiFERON Gold 1-Step)
  • 5 & 10 Panel Drug Testing
  • Pre-Hire Physicals
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